an architectural style for an API that uses HTTP requests to access and use data

What is REST?

REpresentational State Transfer is the architectural design of APIs. What do I mean by that? It’s a protocol that contains several rules. An API has to meet all all the conditions to be a RESTful…

use mongoose with node.js to make things easier for MongoDB

First of all you should have installed MongoDB and be able to run it before you install mongoose. You can read this article to see how to do that on Mac.

In order to install mongoose, we’ll use npm command…

How to use mongo shell in command line

If you haven’t installed MongoDB, or you want to check if it is running, you can read the previous article before reading this one.

After the installation, while MongoDB is running, you should be able to access mongo shell by just typing…

A brief introduction to install and setup MongoDB.

In order to install MongoDB on your Mac, you should first install HomeBrew which is a package manager for Mac OS.

You can check if brew is already installed on your computer with this command in terminal:

brew --version

If you can’t…


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